2015.09.20 Melbourne , AUSTRALIA

Luisa Perugini intervista Umberto Tozzi — presso Club Marconi di Mellbourne

Luisa Perugini con Umberto Tozzi — presso Club Marconi.

Luisa Perugini con Umberto Tozzi — presso Club Marconi.

Umberto Tozzi sul palco del Marconi — presso Club Marconi.

Luisa Perguini, Umberto Tozzi e Vince Foti — presso Club Marconi.

by italianicious.com.au

Umberto Tozzi to visit Australia

Umberto Tozzi will be touring Australia later this year. He will be re-united with his former promoter and close friend Robert Iezzi of Eurobiz, and will perform live with his band in two Sydney shows and one Melbourne show.

In 1977 one of his most famous songs, Ti amo (I love you), was released to Italian, European and Australian success, and not long later Gloria was born in 1979.

A perennial favourite, Gloria was penned in 1979 for the Italian market by Umberto Tozzi and Giancarlo Bigazzi. It rocketed to the top of the charts at home and in several European countries, and three years later the English-language release surpassed all expectation. It reached the top of the Cashbox magazine chart, won of a Grammy award for best female performance, and was a certified platinum record that sold more than three million singles worldwide.

The singer, songwriter and composer has remained one of the most popular Italian singers internationally who, in the course of his career, has sold more than 85 million records.

For more details, please contact promoter Aussie Promotions International on (03) 9437 6678 or via email at enquiries@aussiepromotion.com.au.

Sydney shows
8pm, 18th and 19th September
Call Club Marconi on (02) 9822 3333 for bookings and inquiries.

Melbourne show
8pm, 20th September
La Mirage receptions
Call Aussie Promotions International on (03) 9437 667 for bookings and inquiries



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