1983 Fame Looks at music ’83 – GLORIA

A special live concert episode from the series “Fame.” Billed as “The Kids from Fame” the cast featuring Debbie Allen, Gene Anthony Ray, Carlo Imperato, Valerie Landsburg, Billy Hufsey, Cynthia Gibb and special guest Irene Cara performed music’s top hits from 1983. Thanks for visiting our YouTube Channel. Want to see the whole video? This title and many others are available for purchase on DVD-R from our website. Go to http://www.RewatchClassicTV.com for more fun! Not having any luck finding that certain program? Send us an email today at RewatchClassicTV@gmail.com and tell us what you’re looking for. Rematch Classic TV has literally thousands of titles so maybe we have it or possibly know how to obtain it. It never hurts to ask!